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The Craps Site

Welcome to the Craps Site... a website dedicated solely to the exciting game of online craps.

If you’ve ever been to a casino and noticed a table surrounded by a rowdy group of spectators hollering and cheering then it was most likely a craps table. Craps is a high-speed, high-action gambling game played with two dice. It is a game of delicate balance between luck and smart betting strategies. And the best part about craps is that is now so easy to enjoy a game online.

Whether you are new to craps or an experienced player, you’ll be able to find something of value here at the Craps Site. Whilst craps is actually a rather intricate game with numerous rules and a set of complex odds for betting on, the fundamental elements of the game are not overly complex and a novice player should not be intimidated. There is not a great deal of skill involved, however, there are a few smart betting choices you can make to lower the house edge.

Once you’ve learnt the rules you could easily be one of those players surrounded by an excited audience in a casino or play online craps. Whilst craps may appear to be a little complicated, we provide a straight forward how to play online craps page which covers the basics of the game and the various types of bets that can be made. There are an enormous number of wagering options available in a game of craps but we tell you the bets that should be played and when to increase your odds of winning.

We also offer helpful tips and strategies not only to players wanting to learn how to play the game but also to those more experienced players to give them the upper hand. Along with our simple instructions you will find a number of links to reputable online craps resources which provide some sound and well balanced advice.

Whilst online craps has only been around for a few years (and yet is already immensely popular with internet gamblers), the game of craps itself has been in existence almost as long as there has been people. Here you can read about its long and interesting history and its recent resurgence in popularity in the form of online craps.

Craps has long been considered a very complicated game to learn how to play and can be highly intimating to the novice. However, with the advent of the internet and online craps, getting the hang of it has become significantly easier. You will find a number of free online craps games on our site for you to practice and develop a feel for the game and the terminology. These free of charge online craps games will be extraordinarily valuable in your learning experience. And the dictionary will help you understand what is happening in an online game of craps with an explanation of the commonly used terms.

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