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Here are a few of the more commonly asked questions about online craps.

Where does the name 'craps' come from?

'Craps' comes from the French pronunciation of the word 'crabs'. A dice roll of 2 used to be called crabs by the French sailors who brought the game to New Orleans, however, this proved difficult to pronounce to its spectators.

What are the hardest numbers to throw in craps?

The hardest numbers to throw are 2 and 12 because there is only one combination of the dice to achieve both of these results. The odds of rolling one of these is 1:36.

What is the easiest number to throw in craps?

The most likely total to roll is a 7 as it has it has 6 combinations and you have a 1:6 chance of rolling it.

What are the best bets to make in online craps?

The best bets in craps are easily the 'pass' and 'come' bets and the 'don't pass' and 'don't come' bets with full odds. The more you can bet on the odds, the lower the house edge will be regardless of whether you are playing real or virtual craps. Whilst you may think that these bets are not quite exciting enough, you are much less likely to lose a lot of money unlike if you played the more risky bets on the table. So in short, the best bets you can make are the basic bets as they have the lowest house edge. But if these were the only bets that could be made, many gamblers would be lost to boredom!

What are proposition bets?

These are one roll bets found in the centre of the board and be warned that the house has a huge advantage. It is a bet on any craps, that is, the bet wins if the next roll is 2, 3 or 12 and loses if any other number is rolled. These are horribly bad bets to make and should be avoided like the plague if you don't want to lose money fast!

Is there a mathematical or statistical advantage for craps players?

No! Craps is a game of chance and the only way to increase your chances of winning is to bet wisely. There is no system that can overcome a house edge.

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