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Don’t be fooled by promises of a craps system to increase your winnings and beat the advantage of the house. That there is some magical secret to winning at craps is bogus.

There is not a single bet that does not have at least a slight house advantage so the best strategy in playing craps is to understand the various bets and craps odds.

Alas, there is hope. We offer you a few tips here to make smart betting choices to greatly increase your chances of winning consistently.

Bets with the lowest house edge

If you are beginner especially, you should only play the handful of bets that offer the lowest house edge which are the pass and don’t pass bets and the come and don’t come bets.

Playing the field

Most people will usually advise you to avoid playing the field because you only have a 44.4 per cent probability of winning. But if you do decide that you want to bet those numbers, there is something you can do to improve your chances of winning. First, do not play the field every roll or you will lose in long term clearly because of the house edge. By waiting to see three consecutive non-field rolls before you place a field bet, however, you will decrease the probability of losing to only 9.5 per cent.

The proposition area

The proposition area is found in the middle of the craps layout and its filled with all the bets you probably shouldn’t make as they have a really bad house edge. So avoid them!

Pass line bets

Provided you can afford it, always take the maximum odds allowed on your pass line bets which is one of the best bets in the casino. Don’t be shy to check with the dealer if the bet you placed is correct. For example, if the point number is an 8, the correct odds bet is $10 and not $12 as it is for place bet.

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