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Online Craps vs Casino Craps

Playing online craps games and casino craps games are pretty much the same. The rules for both versions are the same, however, the experience of playing the online version of the game is obviously somewhat different to the real life original version.

When playing online you needn’t pass the dice to the next craps player unlike in the traditional version when you crap out. And you don’t experience the atmosphere of all yelling and excitement that usually features around a craps table and interaction with other players. But you do get the chance to play and practice as much as you like without placing bets whereas if you play craps at a casino, you are expected to place bets.

If you are intimidated by all the excitement around the craps tables in the casino, this is one way to remain relatively anonymous and also eliminate the distraction. Playing online casino craps also is an easy introduction to the game and you won’t be overwhelmed by all the craps lingo around the table that may sound like a foreign language at the beginning.

So because all the rules and protocols are identical between the two versions, it really comes down to your personal preference of gaming experience whether you play craps online or in a casino.

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